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Met Tower Apartments Indoor Pool Area

Our Reviews

We are committed to making Met Tower a warm and inviting place for our residents to call home. Thats why we regularly survey our residents and monitor our online reviews to learn what were doing well, what we need to fix, and how we can make our property even better. Check out what some of our residents are saying about us below!

"The aura of this building makes me feel comfortable, love the amenities and neighbourhood. Maintenance and staff is very supporting. Quick response to our complains or any issue."
- Simran, 8/18/2022

"Great place  Good location, very convenient, in the heart of Seattle. And safe between courthouse and Amazon. Great restaurants down stairs too.  Great apartment  Freshly renovated. Within the apartment, it feels brand new. Very spacious.  Best staff ;)"
- Zihao, 8/5/2022

"Love everything about the building, amenities and location. Great staff and the amazing events hosted twice a month. Wouldn't pick anywhere else to live."
- Ajay, 8/4/2022

"Love the amenities and hospitality. Monthly events at the lounge are fantastic. Maintenance is on time. I really like this place. Highly recommend!"
- Arko, 8/3/2022

"Overall, good experience. Amenities are great. I would prefer if there were more building events. sometimes the hot tub happened to broke but quickly fixed so happy overall"
- Ganesh, 8/3/2022

"As I recently mentioned in the survey conducted by Avenue 5... I  absolutely luv being a resident at Met Tower.   In that survey, I consistently rated my experience  5 STARS across the board. From our awesome location in the center of Downtown Seattle to our cozy interiors in all of the common spaces. From my daily,  "Good Morning" greeting via  our swashbuckling and well-healed Conceige, Michael... to our tremendous views from the beautiful terrace. From the newly appointed appliances and finishes in my apartment to the fun-filled/bi-monthly socials orchestrated by Shawnee. From our kind and helpful staff to our amazing suite of amenities. Lastly, from our respectful community of residents to their adorable little fur babies that parade through our lobby.  As you can see, I am a very happy and satisfied resident... and expect to call the Met Tower my home for many years to come!!"
- LauraJeanne, 7/28/2022

"Met tower is a good residental place to live in. The leasing office is always helpful and responds quickly. The rent price is reasonable. We enjoy the large space a lot."
- Jue, 7/24/2022

"Living at Met Tower has been such a fun and lively place to live! The location, staff and amenities are wonderful. I highly recommend Met Tower."
- Sara, 7/21/2022

"Great location! Very responsive office and maintenance staff.Great amenities for residences and beautiful patio area with grills for residence."
- Michael, 7/14/2022

"Love how big our apartment is and feel! The staff are great, always say hi to me and my dogs. We enjoy the amenities a lot and have friends/family over to enjoy with us! We love this building!"
- Michelle, 6/18/2022

"Overall good building. Love the events which are hosted, and the helpful maintenance staff!  Sometimes things are old, and need repair - but such is life."
- Abhimanyu, 6/17/2022

"Great amenities and friendly staff :) Everything has been really good. Common space is always clean and I feel like the residents are well taken care of."
- Anthony, 6/17/2022

"The experience has been fantastic. Love the staff and community. Maintenance issues are resolved very efficiently. Very happy to be a member of the Met Tower community."
- Kavita, 6/17/2022